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Chung Moo Training Helps with Stress

Life can be so stressful. Without relief from stress, the body becomes sick. In Nursing, I see the long term effects of stress on the body all the time. I thought about how Chung Moo Doe has helped me. Aside from the physical benefits of increased flexibility, strength, and coordination: Chung Moo Doe has helped me deal with stressful situations in a positive and healthy manner. I have recently had a lot of changes in my life. In an eight month period, my family and I had to move twice. I was stuck with a job that I was not happy with and had spent almost a year searching for one that I really wanted. There were other situations that were equally, if not more, stressful.

Thomas Cabral In the past, I have found that I dealt with stress by taking it out on my friends and family. At times, I would have very little patience with my wife and children. I was quick tempered and would sometimes say things I didn't mean. I just did not deal with stress very well. Instead of lashing out in anger or bottling thins inside, Chung Moo Doe has given me a way to relieve the harmful effects of the stress in my life and at the same time, an opportunity to improve myself mentally and physically. I have found that much of what I have been taught in school, I have been able to apply in my life.

In my training I am constantly being challenged. I try to stay focused and meet that challenge head on. I find myself doing the same thing when faced with a difficult task in my life.

My last move made it necessary to commute about an hour to Chung Moo Doe training. At first, I thought I would have to give up my training (It would have been easier), but I have begun to realize just how valuable Chung Moo Doe has become to me.

Thomas Cabral

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